The Firm

Vitón Abogados was founded in May 2011.

Before founding Vitón Abogados (”VA”), Santiago Vitón worked for Estudio Bunge – Bunge Smith & Luchía Puig Abogados, in Pozo Gowland & Koch Abogados and in Bruchou Fernández Madero Lombardi & Mitrani Abogados. He also worked for the pharmaceutical firm Merck Sharp & Dohme, both in USA and in Argentina.

In his previous work experiences, Santiago Vitón was actively involved in national and international corporate matters, including cross border transactions. He gave advice in Latin America, Europe and Asia to groups of companies such as Skanska, Tenaris, Petrobras and PDVSA, among others. His experience and vision encouraged him to establish a boutique law firm with the aim of providing not only high quality corporate advice but also personalized assessment.

VA has a unique approach on legal advising, collaborating and jointly working with its clients in each stage of any given transaction. From the beginning, VA has worked with leading companies and has taken part in complex transactions.

What is more, VA has a long-term policy on human resources to ensure a specialized, long-standing and consolidated team of professionals. To that effect, VA performs a rigorous professional selection focusing on both human and professional skills. Also, it encourages its professionals to do constant training on their areas of expertise, and particularly, to develop skills on areas of practice sometimes beyond law (though deeply related to it) such as finance, foreign trade and taxes. VA is committed to avoid the frustration of permanent staff turnovers by providing innovative incentives to its professionals.

Finally, VA has a strong commitment with society, trying to collaborate through its pro bono program with NGOs and foundations. For additional information, please visit the pro bono Section.